Working Together for the good of our community
Working together for the good of our community

Fine Arts -­‐ $10,000 –giving young students the opportunity to participate in band or orchestra and should not be excluded due to economic reasons.   If the student has a   desire/passion
and displays the strong desire to study and excel we want to support these young Texan’s. This is our 4th year doing this and to date have given over $22,000 to this   program

FFA (Future Farmers of America) -­‐ $16,000 -­‐ If a child wants to participate in raising a project they should not be excluded for economic reasons. In addition a portion of this money will go towards the “Barn Sale” – where the students do not make the auction and, unfortunately, get minimal dollars for their  animals, it is our objective to help change the “minimal dollar” component to this to help offset the cost of raising   the
project.  It should also be noted that the Wild West Brewfest   and the Katy Rotary Club donates (over 2 tons in 2015) the   meat to local food pantries when they acquire the animals from the students.

Casa de Esperanza and The Rainbow Room -­‐ $7,000 – these organizations main objective is to assist young children who    are in need due to domestic  family issues.  Children that are seeking help and shelter from issues that you and I cannot even image.   These are great organizations staffed  by volunteers.  

The Shaw Center -­‐  $5,000 –provides KISD students the ability  to explore and invent.    The center provides young  students the opportunity to collaborate with mentors and professionals to gain experience in the areas of science, technology,     engineering, the arts, and mathematics. This will give many students the ability to participate whereas they would have not otherwise  had  this opportunity.

Future Business Leaders Conference -­‐ $2000 – program that will offer students the opportunity to attend a conference and listen to people such as Payton Manning, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and many more.  This program is designed to give all students what it   takes to be successful in this world like you have been. 

Katy Special Rodeo -­‐ $2000 – assisting and providing this event to the special needs children in and around the   Katy area. 

Read, Deed and Run -­‐ $2000 -­‐ Students entering grades 3-­‐5 will commit to a 26-­‐week program, where the student will read 26 books, perform 26 good deeds in the community, and run a    total of 26.2 miles. This is an extra fee ($30) for these kids, and  as you could imagine, there are many kids that cannot participate, we (with your help) are here to change this.

Children of the Dump -­‐ Nicaragua -­‐ $3000 – this is a wonderful program that assists young people of Nicaragua to learn how to support their families.   Unfortunately this is a very poor country (population is 5.3 million and 4  million people live on less than $1 a day), there is one doctor    for every 2,700 people, and only 50% of the people have access  to the most basic of medical supplies.,  We have teamed up     with other Rotary Clubs in and around Houston to help     support this worthy  cause.

Disaster Relief -­‐ $3000 – The WWBF and our club have carved out these funds to assist in emergency relief for our community and way beyond. Our mission is to help those are in need (like Sandy Hook Elementary, Fires in Bastrop and like   the
explosion in the town of West a few years ago). Funds will be deployed  as needed.

Paint USA -­‐ $1000 – what better way to teach elementary students geography than to paint a large map of the United  States on their basketball court! This is an ongoing project to help all elementary schools in Katy and West Houston learn the importance of knowing your   Country.

Toy Drive -­‐ $2000 –We are working with the elementary schools to identify families in need that without your help, they would not have a Christmas.  This is a great   ongoing program that touches the lives of   many
children. Items asked for are not only toys but also the basic essentials that you and I take for granted such as shoes, coats, and shirts.