Hotel Zaza
5701 S Main
Hosuton, TX  TX
United States
As the Brewfest continues to grow, our club needs to continue to "step up our game" to honor our sponsors and make them feel special  There was an internal team that viewed three hotels, Hotel Za Za Herman Park was by far the best both in price and sophistication.  This will be an unforgettable "weekend" for our club and our sponsors.  The vision would be a great party Friday night, and activities for those who wish to stay on Saturday while departing on Sunday.  Some events would include beer tours, museum tours, and perhaps zoo tours for those who remain on Saturday then a great evening Saturday night somewhere around the Hotel.  
At this time, we have to limit this event to 30 Rotarians and your one guest.  This night will sell out, with the view from the room, the music from our own Deacon of Funk, the food, and the overall ambiance, it will be an unforgettable night.  
Should you wish to go, please notifiy Scotty ASAP, Julie will bill you seperatley. You will want to be there!