With more than 4,000 craft brew enthusiasts invading the Villagio Town Center, Katy's Wild West Brewfest had everything going for it — including the weather. 

“We are glad to have this event in Katy, a town that welcomes us with open arms and a great place to raise a family” said David Loesch, a Katy Rotarian and organizer of the event. “We had over 217 taps today, with 55 brewers representing their product, between the Beer Garden, the Hop House and the Specialty Bar, there was some great craft beer offered to our patrons.” 

The Wild West Brewfest is unique in the sense that it offers so much to the patrons. The festival added Kaos along with Horizon making the music an all-day affair and offering different genres for everyone to enjoy. 

93Q had Cactus Jack out during the event, while 104 KRBE provided music in the Hop House. One huge hit this year was actual air conditioning in the Hop House-VIP, along with the Bag Pipers that played during the event as well as opening up the taps at 2 p.m. 

Everyone seemed to be in the “beer-drinking mood” after the band of bagpipers marched all through the event while the Ambassador of Fun played by Nick Schrader yelled “open the taps!” Loesch explained 

This was the third year for the Wild West Brewfest, ands with more beer, more people, more activities and more fun, this event has certainly made a name for itself not only in Katy, but in the craft brew world. 

The Wild West Brewfest prides itself on being members of the Craft Brewers Association, a passionate voice for craft beer. 

“We believe in the product, and the hard work and dedication it takes to produce a quality liquid,” Loesch said. 

In addition, the Wild West Brewfest is also unique in that it is staffed by a 100 percent volunteers. There is no paid event coordinator; instead. members of the Rotary Club of Katy and about another 400 volunteers do all the work. 

"Our volunteers believe in what we are doing, and what we support, without the help from them and our sponsors, we would not be able to do this event, much less give back all the proceeds to charity,” Loesch said. 

Rumor has it, there are big plans for the 2015 event, but for now, the Wild West Brewfest is here to stay, and helping others in Katy and the surrounding areas is what they are all about. 

“We will be able to put back more than $50,000 to worthy causes this year, because of this event”, Loesch indicated. 

One can check out the WWBF on Facebook and their website:www.katybrewfest. com.