With over 4,000 people on the grounds of the Villagio Town Center on May 10th, your impact was quite substantial.  We appreciate your commitment and capital and we understand your trust that we will deploy the funds in the proper manner to impact many people. 




As you know, we are about helping the youth of Texas, and enlarging our footprint to impact others by our combined efforts.  In 2014/2015 we will again double our commitment to the Katy ISD FFA and Fine Arts departments bringing the contributions to $8,000 each.  We feel that these programs instill leadership and other quality attributes that promote good.  We have also set aside $7,000 for the Katy Rodeo FFA Barn Sale.  This sale is for FFA students who raised a project, which did not make it to the auction.  Dishearteningly, there are a number of times when the sale price of the animal does not cover the cost put into the project – it is our intention to try to change that.  In addition to the programs described above, we go a step further.  We take the animals we have purchased, and pay for processing and then donate the meat to area food banks.

We have also identified a new program entitled “Second Step”.  This is a learning based program that teaches elementary students basic social skills, such as self-regulation, skills for learning, emotion management and empathy.  All but two elementary schools in KISD have this program.  We will purchase this program (one time fee per campus- and it is theirs to keep) for both Davidson and Randolph Elementary.   We will also fund “Paint USA”, which is a program that paints a map of the United States on each KISD elementary schools basketball court.  I was amazed when I saw the students gaze over the freshly painted map for the first time.  It was great to see them take a true interest of not only the sport of basketball, but studying the US map and learning basic geography. 

We are excited about new opportunities, which rings true to helping young people in need.  We have teamed up with the Rainbow Room and Casa de Esperanza by donating a total of $7,000 to these two necessary organizations.  The Rainbow Room (Fort Bend County) is a resource room stocked with snacks, diapers, school supplies, toiletries, toys and other items to help and meet the needs of families in crisis.   Casa de Esperanza provides a safe place for children in crisis due to abuse, neglect, or the effects of HIV.  They also provide residential, medical and psychological care according to the needs of each child, while being staffed by mothers giving their own time to help these young children.  Both of these programs do not charge, and rely on people just like you and me. 

The Wild West Brewfest has also partnered with the City of Katy, by assisting with funding for the fireworks display on the 4th of July and by donating $1,500 to “Keep Katy Beautiful”.  Keep Katy Beautiful is an organization founded in 1993, to assist in the ongoing beatification of Katy and its surrounding areas. 

Due to the international reach of Rotary, our club has embarked on a terrific project to assist fellow Rotarians in Nicaragua in developing clean potable water sources (the mortality rate is 55% and due to the lack of medicine and clean water).  This Rotary team in Nicaragua has over 16 years experience in Nicaragua doing this very thing, and we are proud to be a part of this ongoing effort to assist well over 100 families obtain clean drinking water. 

As with last year, we have again funded the “Relief Fund” for our Rotary Club.  This fund is reserved for tragedies that happen in and around our community.  We hope these tragedies never appear, but funds are available if the need arises. 

Above are some of the recipients that we intend to assist.  We have others that we are studying, and I will keep you posted on those and update you on the above throughout the year.  We know you work hard, and we do not take your donation for granted.  We appreciate you, your time and your willingness to sponsor the Wild West Brewfest.  Thank you for your time in reading this, but most of all, thank you for your donation towards a great event that helps many!


David Loesch